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nokia 3310


Remember all of those fantastically horrible handheld LCD games that hit the toy stores back in the ’90s. You know, the ones that had custom LCD screens to make for some fake animation. Here’s an example of what those should have been. It’s an LCD-based handheld with some soul.

The entire thing is roughly the size of a television remote, with a 3D printed case making it very presentable. But looking at the wiring which hides inside proves this is one-of-a-kind. The Arduino Pro Mini is probably the biggest difference in technology from back in the day compared to now. It has plenty of space for all of the different settings and games shown off in the clip below. The user interface itself is definitely a throw-back though. The Nokia 3310 screen boasts a whopping 84×48 pixel monochrome area. There are four buttons serving as a d-pad, and two as action buttons. Perhaps the greatest feature (besides the printed case they already mentioned) is the ability to recharge the internal battery via USB.

[Zippy314] built this with his son. What’s more fun: learning to program the games, or mastering them and discovering the bugs you missed along the way?

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Nokia 6620

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Mar 14, 2006 by linemen58

The nokia 6620 is one of the best phones ever made. This phone has every thing that you would need. IF you want a pda but without paying for it this is what you should is great2. feels very sturdy3. bluetooth is very easy to work4. not many people have it5.HUGE screen6. so many cool features7. memory card is great lots of space8. when you drop it it does not do any thing to it9. ITS a nokia10. the format is very smart on the menuCons.NOT MANY1. battery life is kind of short(if you charge it all night then use it a lot through out the day it will need to be charged when you get home)2. a little to bigBYE THIS PHONE OR GET THE UPGRADE THE NOKIA 6682 I ALSO HAVE THAT PHONE AND IT IS VERY THING THE NOKIA 6620 AND BETTERTHEY HAVE INPROVED THE BATTERY LIFE AND ITS GREAT

A Phone Built for the Long Haul  

Dec 18, 2005 by zippyteen

First off, I've owned this phone for the past year, so I have been able to experience and test this phone for all it's worth.

Design: You'll see that the Nokia 6620 is of an egg-shaped form. It's not too much heavier then most phones sold today, and considering all that you can do with an S60 Symbian Smartphone; the size of the 6620 is indeed remarkable. The number keys are small, but easy to use and in a normal keypad layout. Uber nice when text messaging or writing e-mails on the 6620.

Features: Where to begin! First off, you have to remember that the Nokia 6620 is a "Smartphone". It's wonderful because with the Internet, you can install a countless number of programs onto your phone. As far as what's preinstalled on the 6620, you get the following: a 0.3 Megapixel VGA Camera, Text Messaging and Picture Messaging, and thanks to the Nokia 6620 running on Symbian Series 60, you can search online and obtain games onto your phone. The 6620 also has space for an MMC (Multimedia Card) expansion card. Bluetooth and Infrared are also standard on the 6620 to allow for easy data transfers or to use a Bluetooth headset for wireless communication!

Battery Life: The Nokia 6620 comes with a Nokia BL-5C Battery, which allows for upwards of 4 days of pure standby time, or 2 days of normal usage on the phone before having to charge up the phone again.

Call Quality: the Nokia 6620 is excellent. The 6620 handily outdid my former phone, the Sony Ericsson T616. Now consider the fact that the T616 was known by many for it's clarity and ability to find and hold on to a phone signal where most GSM phones of the time could not; and the 6620's performance becomes that much more impressive!

Overall Opinion: I can honestly say that I have not changed phones yet because I have no reason to! The Nokia 6620 is a workhorse that I've come to appreciate. If Phonescoop allowed for reviews over 2000 words, I'd have even more good things to say about the 6620!

I love this phone!  

Apr 21, 2005 by worldwideweber

I've used this phone for 6+ months. There is nothing else on the market that comes close to the quality, features, and functionality of this phone. It has allowed me to easily dump my PDA. This phone is far superior to my prior phones: Sony Ericsson T62u and Siemens S46. It's also better than my Pocket PC which suffers from terrible battery life.

what I like best:reception (ATTWS in Dallas, TX; also worked well in west Texas/New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Houston)outlook sync works well and has multiple options (usb, IRDA, bluetooth)calendarcontacts (stores much more than just name and number)memory cardmp3 playerloud ringerbattery life and talk timefeels solid, has survived multiple drops on pavement

what I don't like:speaker phone not quite loud enough for highway driving, though the caller hears me fineproprietary headset/stereo headphone plug

what I wish it had:speaker-independent voice dialinglarger number buttons (I find this a problem with every phone)

things I'm indifferent about, thus I haven't used:additional Symbian applications (ie games)web accesstext messaging/e-mail

Once they get past the form factor (why is everyone so fixated on flip-phones?), everyone that has seen it and what it does really likes it. You won't regret getting this phone.

Nokia 6620  

Nov 23, 2004 by pmc999

I have now had this phone for about 3 weeks and I have to say that overall I am very pleased. The battery life is as stated about 4 hrs of talk. The screen is very nice and clear. You get at least 6 lines of text displayed at one time. The phone syncs with Outlook very nicely. It appears that they have done some nice work here to correct flaws in the past with recurring appts in your calendar. I have all my contacts in the phone and I still can not get the phone order to come over as I have it in Outlook. It appears that everyones home # comes in as the default (I have not had the time to figure this out yet though) One thing that is different from my old Nokia 6340? is that when an appt notification pops up it beeps but then disappears rather than stay active in the display (not good or bad here just different) however it will beep again in a short time maybe 5 min? The reception on this phone is awesome. I don't believe that I have a dropped call since I've started using it. Like other posts the phone seems a little slippery but after I bought the leather case that issue disappeared.

The only issue I have come across has been in the use of a headset. I have always used a Plantronics type set with a 2.5 mm jack. Of course Nokia has there own jack here. I bought the belkin adapter which works ok but it always seems like you have to force it into the slot on the bottom of the phone. Also if this adapter is left in the phone thinks it has a headset attached and disables the handset ear piece. Once again this is different than my old Nokia phone. Lastly I just purchased a Logitech Bluetooth headset which does not work with this phone. I am upset about that. I went round and round with Nokia/Logitech support. I finally went to my local cingular store where I proved that both the logitech headset and the 6620 were working. I am buying the motorola hs 810 tomorrow since I know that works.

Nokia 6620  

Aug 25, 2004 by rythmndr

Let me first start by saying, this phone is AWESOME!! I will try and be as brief and precise as I can. Thanks for reviewing my review :)

PROS: Lot's of options, camera (great picture quality) and VIDEO! This is extremely cool for those spontaneous moments. (Let's not forget people these two features are in a PHONE, that's right, a cell phone and please don't expect to get a 5 megapixel picture quality or have it double as a camcorder, c'mon now), once you get past that you will really enjoy these two features.The menu system takes a little getting used to, but after a few days, it's great!The internet functions are good, loading pages is quick (ATT Edge technology is good on this phone)LARGE SCREEN A MAJOR PLUS!!STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE, the expansion card is great. You can hold a ton of pictures and even take extremely long video clips (not just the 10 sec quickies) !!!!MP3 Ringtones, pretty standard now (I down loaded the Star Wars theme and love it)Battery Life is great (I want to let everyone know that I NEVER turn my phone off, never, it's on 24 hrs, it's my only phone, and I rely on battery power most of all) I talk for about 1/2 hour a day (usually more) and check email (about 10 min) and I don't have to recharge for 3-4 days) I know this doesn't seem long, but seriously, it's as long as phones without the screen size or features.BLUETOOTH !! (haven't tried it yet though)

CONS:Ring volume could be louder.Earpierce volume also (during calls).Keys are a little small (I do fine, but could be difficult for larger hands).No Flash for camera (not necessary, but would be nice)Memory card location is inside behind the battery (have to turn phone off to get at it)(but then again, how often will this affect someone)Picture ID is somwhat of a joke (the picture "thumbnail" is so small when someone does call, you can't see it)PREVIOUS PHONES OWNED:V-600, 8265, 6200, 3560, better than all!!


Aug 11, 2005 by Law503

This is definetly the best phone I have owned up to date. In the past I have own phones like Sony Ericsson T637, Motorola MPx200, and Motorola V300. This phone beats all of them in any possible way. All the features on this phone is simply amazing. Bluetooth is the only feature in a phone thats new to me. I have not yet tried it out but I know I will make good use of it later on. Like I said this is a exellent phone. I have absolutely no complaints about this phone due to it being so good but the only things that I would of liked to have seen was a integrated flash for the camera. That would of helped it a lot at night but I guess it don't matter much.


-Screen-(Large And Colorful)-Loudspeaker-(Loud And Clear)-Design-(Fairly Small Keypad Though)-Camera-(Exellent Quality Photos and Video Clips)-Battery Life-(Lasts 4 Days)-Reception-(7 Full Bars Usually)-Bluetooth-(Not Yet Tried But Im Sure Its A Good Feature)-MP3 Player-(Exellent Music Qaulity)-PDA Functionality-(Very Good Features To Have)-Expandable Memory-(Comes with 32MB but can support up to 1GB!)


-Absolutely None-

Like To Have Seen:

-Integrated Flash-(Would Help Camera A Lot In The Dark)-FM Radio-(Would Of Been Nice)-Side Volume Keys-(Easier To Change Speaker Volume)

Well thats covers my review and as you can see there is alot of things this phone can offer but there are just a little bit of things that would made the phone better but those things are minor and I really dont mind.

The best so far  

Apr 29, 2005 by andrei_48911

I had this phone for over two month now, and it is by far the best I ever had. I can only say that during that time I completely ditched my Sony Clie organizer, stopped carrying my digital camera with me all the time, and got over the craving for an iPod. This phone can do it all and then some.

Saying that the phone is good but the software quality is poor is like saying that this computer is good but it's software is bad. Which computer? Which software? The plethora of programs for Symbian OS is amazing, some of them are buggy, some of them are useless, and some of them will mess up your phone. Just like a computer...

Built in programs for voice recognition, e-mail, or playing movies (RealPlayer) are not the best. That's why you get NeuVoice (or VoiceDailer), ProfiMail and SmartMovie. Those are really great.

Oh, yeah... I also got Think Outside Bluetooth keyboard, and now I don't carry my laptop when I'm on the road, because I used it mostly to check and reply to e-mails. Now I do it on my phone. Oh boy, the looks I get at coffee shops...

I never had my phone lock up on me, and doing all those little tweaks to the settings really make a difference in how fast the interface is.

I will get Nokia 6681 when Cingular picks it up, but for right now this is by far the best phone out there.

Very Nice!  

Jan 31, 2005 by

I got this phone about a month ago and it has been my favorite phone ever. It is apparently alot more durable than it looks just 5 days ago I lost it in the snow. It lasted 5 days under an inch of snow in negative temperatures. If it weren't for this phone's loud ringer and long battery life I would have never found it.PROs-Nice size-Great camera-Video!-MP3 Player I just take the MMC out of my MP3 Player and into my phone!-Joystick-Great reception-LOUD Ringer-Long battery life-Great clear recorder-Durable

CONs-The cover covering the battery is very flimsy if you take it off too much(to access the MMC) it will break.-Not very customizable-Cover scratches easily

Great "in between" phone  

May 30, 2005 by mace

IMHO, the features and size of this phone put it in between the simper "basic" phones and the large PDA-phones. It's a little bit large and oddly shaped, but it fits nicely in my pocket.

All of the features work well. Ringtones sound nice and are usually a decent volume, though it can be harder to hear outdoors. Luckily, it's easy to have it vibrate too. Camera quality is decent for a phone - plenty good enough for e-mailing or messaging, but of course it won't replace a real digital camera. Bluetooth works well for sending files and internet access from a computer, though I haven't tried a headset yet. E-mail and webpages look decent too.

I have also found it to be very durable. I have dropped it several times under various conditions, and the worst that ever happened was that the memory card got knocked out of its slot and had to be reinserted.

No problem battery life either. I usually plug it in every night, but even if I forget for a day or two, the battery life still doesn't go below half.

My only complaints are that the overall stability of the OS isn't perfect - I haven't had any real problems, but it seems to benefit from restarting the phone every few weeks or so. Also, the phone comes with "pocket office" apps, but they are trial versions and you have to pay $10 each for the full version. That was kinda annoying since they implied that it came with the full version.

Pros:MP3 RingtonesBluetoothDecent cameraPDA Features (notepad, calender, etc)Menu can be rearranged to your likingGreat signalGreat sound quality

Cons:Stability could be betterIncluded apps are only trial versions

The Total Package  

May 10, 2005 by mckniro

Saying this is a great phone really doesn't do it justice. I've been using my 6620 since last March and have loved nearly every minute of it. It's like a really good book in that you can't put it down. This phone has something for everyone:

Business-EDGE technology for fast web browsing and downloading. Email client that gives you access to your office and personal email accounts. Downloadable applications that allow you to read Word and Excel documents. PC suite allows for easy file transfer.

Pleasure: Great camera and video recorder. Mp3 player sounds great. I downloaded an application that allowed me to watch Shrek2 last night. Read books from your favorite aurthor right on your phone. WOW!

Basic: Great reception for making and receiving calls on the Cingular Wireless network. Outstanding voice quality.

Improvements: Better voice commands!

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