About me, my work, my life & why I won't negotiate


My name is Purva Iyengar. Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you find the answers you've come looking for. If you have a website for which you need content; or want to know about ways to promote your website, I can offer help.

I do all kinds of writing for the web. Besides developing content for websites, I create personal and professional profiles, I write hand books, eBooks, product catalogs, blog posts, mailers, email campaigns, newsletters, thank you mails.... etc. I work with start-ups, established entrepreneurs directly and through web designers.

Before becoming a full time freelance content writer, I held 9-5 job with a newspaper. When I began my online journey, the person who helped shape my career was Sylvia White. She taught me the dynamics of writing online and importance of a job done with all honesty. Had it not been for her and a few other friends, I'd be rusting!

I don’t work with a team or from a plush office. This means you pay only for my services and experience; not for my overheads. This also means that I personally handle all the work and communication related to work, and take limited projects.

I give 100% to the work I undertake. Negotiations are not welcome. Clients expect me to charge less for various reasons. Some say I'm comparatively expensive, others promise a lot more work in future.... etc. If you've decided to trust me with your business, please trust that I'll charge what's fair. I value money (yours or mine), and like to earn and spend it respectfully.

I don't take work that I can't deliver for lack of time, or that falls outside my field of familiarity.

Read here to know how I can help you as a content writer. For those who'd like to know me beyond my work, read on.

I was born in a Gujarati family in India. My father passed away early; my mother, being a strong-willed, educated, & hardworking woman held the family together, raising me & my 2 siblings as single working parent. This phase taught us the value of education & being a family.

Most part of our childhood was spent in a colliery, where everyone knew everyone else, newspapers came one day late, neighbours were our family, & books were our friends. Eventually my mother got transferred to a bigger town where we studied and pursued career.

I started conceptualizing and writing marketing copy early in my career and understood that every business and every client was unique; their business environment, problems, and goals were unique; their expectations were not the same; and my job was to offer a solution to all of them.

Office is where I learnt the art of interesting conversation & compelling communication. Like in any other office, we too gossiped (well, just a bit)! It taught me about human nature, and the intricate workings of the world, also some wisdom. Incidentally this is also where I met my husband.

Post marriage, I switched career and became full time content writer. Majority of what I had learnt from books, in school, in life, and in my 9-5 job came in handy here. In these 10 years I've found many opportunities of working with people worldwide. While some have moved, many have stayed, and some of us have become friends. I've also made my share of mistakes, learnt many new lessons, renewed friendships, discovered new meanings, polished my skills, faced crises... life's not stopped teaching......

There's this experience that'll always stay with me that I'd like to share with you.

Sometime back, I got a mail from the platform through which I used to find work as a beginner, intimating me of a bonus of $20 in my a/c from a client. Since I was not active on the platform, the bonus alert took me by surprise. I logged in, and wrote to the client informing him about the mistake. He wrote back saying, he wanted to get in touch with me and did not know how else to do it, so he dropped a $20 note into my inbox!

I consider those $20 amongst the most encouraging, outstanding & priceless testimonies to my work, and I hope that in the coming years I will have much more to show for it.

Life's good. My inbox and hands are full, schedules are tight. Sometimes I go out of sync working through Sundays with clients in different time zones, mixing mails of two clients with the same name....etc. But having said that I am not complaining.

If you need help to build content for your site or business in any form, feel free to call or email me. Conversations are free!

If you would like to discuss content writing work, send an email on info@organic-seo-content.com with details about your requirements. Conversations are free and you will be under no obligation to hire me.

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