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Websites and ecommerce stores are an integral part of modern business set-ups and procuring compelling and effective content is sometimes a hurdle for entrepreneurs.

For a business or website to succeed online, well written and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content plays a crucial role. When your content is upto the mark, your site ranks higher in search engines, attracts more and better quality of buyer traffic, generates relevant enquiries, builds credibility, and converts visitos into customers, among other things.

Good content aspires visitors (read, your potential audience) to do business with you. If your content fails to hold their interest they'll leave your site, and go buy the exact, same product from elsewhere.

So, if you have a website and get traffic, don't lose it because of mediocre communication. Get content that works! You can develop it at any stage; whether at the time of launching your site, when it is new, is still under constuction, or has been around for a while. You may write content yourself if you're familiar with the techniques of writing on the web. Else, hire a web content writer, who knows about creating focused and power packed copy.

If you're an entrepreneur, have a webstore or website, and are looking for content that works for your business, email or call me on +91 9665021812 to discuss your options. I am a freelance web content writer. My name is Purva Iyengar; and through this website of mine, I generate enquiries for work.

What happens when you publish effective and SEO copy on your site?

  • Spider indexes your business/website faster &visits your site more often
  • You rankings in Search Engines improve
  • Your visibility improves
  • Your impression in the mind of your prosective clients improves
  • Your site attracts niche audience
  • Professionally developed copy triggers positive visitor action
  • You get more enquiries, sales, revenue, & profits!

Why is web content important: Web content is an important and a powerful tool with which you communicate with your online customers and tell them how your services can help them. If content on your site is engaging, it'll convince your customers and create an environment for business. Mediocre content may put off your customer and he may buy the same product from elsewhere.

How & Where to Procure Content : This brings us to the next step, how and where to get good content... You can, either (i) write your own content or (ii) hire services of a professional web content writer. If you understand the dynamics of writing on the web and have the time for it, write your own content. If you don't, hire a writer.

Hiring a web content developer:If you decide to hire a content writer to write your web copy, hire one with whom you feel comfortable, and whose writing has helped people succeed in the past; someone who has earned good reviews for the work done.

This website is divided into 3 sections:

  • Web Content Library: Highlights importance of web content & its various aspects
  • Web Content Writing Guide: Teaches you to develop your own content
  • Web Content Writing Services: For those who seek professional content writing services
  • Services offered: Content development for new, existing, under-construction websites, blogs, e-stores. I also offer to revise, edit, re-write content on existing site/blog/e-store if you aren't happy with the existing content.

    Other than that various other writing services are offered, listed in the column on your right. You're welcome to discuss your concerns, if any on Email. You can call, Skype....

Researchers claim that,"85% of people who go online are searching for some kind of an ANSWER. And 75% of them are happy to get their answers in writing". Which means good web content is our best bet to grow.

Types of Content Writing Services Offered Here

  • Content for your website
  • Blog Posts
  • Marketing Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Profile For Social Media
  • Ad Copy & Brochures
  • Content Assessment
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Ananlysis